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Dr. Chris MacKinnon


  • Chris is a gifted presenter and researcher. It was a privilege to spend  this day with him. Great learning. Such pertinent, truly helpful guidance and instruction. 
  • A wonderful experience! Professional and personable. Easy to talk to, gentle and great! 
  • More than professional! It was an extremely  valuable personal experience for me. 
  • I expected from experience that Chris would be a good speaker ... I had mild expectations for the content but it exceeded my expectations. I learned much and got lots of directions for  how to work with grieving clients
  • Very worthwhile... I would like to attend more presentations by Dr. Mac.
  •  I really enjoyed your seminar/presentation; it was incredibly informative. For me was also the just the right mix of experiential learning, client narratives, critical personal reflexivity and diversity issues. Thank you so much for sharing these resources - very much appreciated.
  • A wonderful speaker. Really thought provoking. 10/10 great talk.
  • Very entertaining. Amazing lecturer. Pace and style of presentation was very effective. Loved the presentation, and the way he presented. Very well done!
  • Excellent leader! He was an amazing motivational speaker for ourselves, for our career choice and for our care throughout life. Thank you!
  • Very well structured and super interesting! Wonderful presentation! Dr. MacKinnon should consider doing tours as a public speaker!
  • What the presenter said during the presentation--"What I do (my career) is very well aligned with who I am (my personality)" provided me with a new perspective on thinking about what I want to do in the future. 
  • Excellent presentation, very engaging and well delivered. I enjoyed Chris's section of the talk the most. Really spoke to me in a way that I could appreciate.

Chris is committed to provide a constructive learning experience that will advance your career as a professional. 


My experience with Chris as a lecturer and clinical supervisor is best summarized in the famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." I've met Chris in October 2015 at the Argyle institute in Montreal where I attended his workshop on "Meaning focused Bereavement Psychotherapy." From the get go I knew that I wanted him for my clinical supervisor, (not for thé OPQ stipulated 5 hours in 5 years) but on a regular basis throughout each year for as long as I am clinically active because I liked what I heard and saw. He presented as a knowledgeable, passionate clinician who, as a bonus, was humble, kind, and warm. He gave clear responses to questions asked and filled out our clinical Bereavement tool boxes with valuable insight and tools to the brim. To my delight, after an initial phone conversation to see if we were the right fit for each other, he agreed to take me on. Since then, my clients and I have benefited greatly from his clinical guidance. Chris is truly a "Mensch" because he listens well without judgment or condescension, and never pretends that he is above the person sitting in front of him. He has a great sense of humour and gives solid, applicable advice. And all that in ENGLISH. How awesome for an originally German psychotherapist who spends her clinical days hearing and responding in French only. I feel truly honoured to have had the fortune to have met Chris. He has and is enriching my clinical life and I am a better person  for it all around.

-Edelgard Dussault, Psychologist in Joliette

Je suis très reconnaissante d'avoir pu faire mon internat à l'unité de soins palliatifs du Royal Victoria sous la supervision de Chris MacKinnon durant l'année 2016-2017. C'est une expérience existentielle majeure de pouvoir accompagner des patients en fin de vie et d'explorer avec leurs proches la question de la perte, du deuil et de la reconstruction identitaire. J'ai particulièrement apprécié la profondeur de l'expérience de Chris dans le domaine de la psychothérapie, son ouverture à une variété d'outils cliniques autant qu'à la richesse de ses perspectives théoriques sur le vécu des patients. Je me suis sentie à la fois sécurisée et stimulée tout étant laissée suffisamment libre de développer ma propre autonomie. Cette rigueur et cette souplesse sont des qualités essentielles dans le contexte de la supervision et je me sens pleine de gratitude d'avoir pu en bénéficier.

-Florence Vinit, Ph.D.  Professeure - Département de psychologie - UQAM

My experience as a supervisee of Chris MacKinnon was no less than formative in my development as a clinician. Chris embodies the compassionate and warm presence ideal for helping clients feel understood and trusting; and he holds this space for the supervisee too. Chris helped me feel both supported and encouraged as we worked together. He has a highly intuitive and intellectually grounded approach to case conceptualization. While in his supervision I established solid tools for tracking and responding to my clients in an effective and empathetic way. He also facilitated important exploration that increased my confidence as a member of the profession. Chris helped me learn to deepen my understanding of therapeutic relationship as a mechanism for change. He also helped me develop ways to access client’s emotions and work with them therapeutically. He helps the developing clinician draw on their own strengths and resources to accurately assess, formulate, and work with clients. Not only did I become a stronger therapist, I grew personally in this process. Chris is a highly respected Psychologist and Faculty member at McGill with an impressive understanding of the human psyche across the lifespan. I cannot speak highly enough of my supervision with Chris and how important it has been to my progression as a professional.   

-Laura Devlin, MA C.Psych, Registered Psychotherapist. 

J'ai eu la chance d'être supervisée par Chris durant mon internat, puis comme doctorante, avant de devenir sa collègue à l'unité des soins palliatifs du centre universitaire de santé McGill. Chris est un clinicien passionné et plein de ressources, j'ai beaucoup appris en le côtoyant. Ce que je retiens particulièrement de sa supervision, c'est la variété des activités qu'il m'a proposées et la flexibilité de son approche, pour répondre le mieux possible à mes propres besoins de supervision. Mais avant tout, Chris est un superviseur sensible, à l'écoute, engagé, qui souligne les forces, et aborde les aspects pouvant être perfectionnés avec tact et délicatesse, ce qui est très formateur, et qui a déjà fait défaut dans mes expériences antérieures de supervision. 

-Dre Deborah Ummel, psychologue

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