Over the years this private group psychology practice located in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has expanded to include numerous team members who offer a variety of comprehensive and high quality psychological services. This website includes professional biographies, details on recent/upcoming talks and events, publications, as well as supervision and training opportunities. You can also find media content including recent video interviews. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you envision a need for our services. We look forward to working with you.

Individual Consultations

We offer one-to-one meetings with a professional therapist or advanced-supervised trainee. Our team can address a vast array of concerns from managing an acute crisis to helping address more complex problems

Continuing Professional Education

Fully accredited professional workshops make strong connections between cutting edge research and evolving clinical practice with content continually updated to keep pace with the latest developments in the field. Translating abstract concepts into clear and practical applications, we make every effort to foster a first-class learning experience. 

Couple and Family Consultations

Periodically couples and families benefit from meeting together with an objective outsider to find solutions to complex dilemmas. We can help put everyone on the same page and establish clear directions for the future.

Apprenticeships and Mentoring

Looking for specialized training in private practice as a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist? Maybe you are interested in starting a private practice when you graduate? Looking for ways to build or rejuvenate an existing practice? We may be able to help. 

Psychological Assessments and Testing

Psychological and neuro-psychological testing, as well assessment and attestations for gender-transitioning are some of the evaluation services we offer. Please contact us directly to take an appointment.

Clinical Supervision

We are pleased to offer clinical supervision to practitioners and consultation services for health care organizations. Our services are recognized for licensing purposes. We are committed to provide a constructive learning experience that will advance your career. 


Our History

Chris MacKinnon originally opened a small independent practice in 2006, later opening an office at the Monkland Professional and Medical Center in 2012. Tyler Brown joined the practice as an advanced doctoral candidate and apprentice in 2015. Discovering a strong synergy and love for the work of psychology, they decided to start building a solid foundation by recruiting two exceptional colleagues, Samara Perez and Jane Milman. Ms. Milman departed for the United States in 2016 but remains an associate of the practice.

Eager to cultivate a service that would effectively intersect their expertise with a commitment to providing exceptional psychological service, Chris, Samara, and Tyler decided to co-found Psychologie Mont Royal. Based on fostering insight based on experience and expertise, their practice includes a number of dedicated health professionals and trainees, proudly serving the Montreal community in both French and English. Psychologie Mont Royal also welcomes inquiries from local professionals and organizations interested in collaborating.