Clinical Supervision

Our team is composed of highly experienced professionals, some with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Many share extensive backgrounds in health care, education, community organizations, academia, and private practice settings. Our more seasoned clinicians have trained countless MA and PhD interns. Our collective expertise ensures we can offer sound council on a wide array of psychological phenomena from assessment and diagnosis, to case conceptualization and treatment planning. We are committed to provide a constructive learning experience that will advance your career and better support those you work with. 


Many newcomers to the field are often dismayed that they have no preparation for the how to begin and maintain their own private practice. Psychologie Mont Royal takes great pride in being able to offer trainees a personalized training and apprenticeship experience. In addition to providing you with clinical supervision and a case load, we can outline for you the initial tasks, as well as identify the corresponding skills you will need to develop as an independent practitioner. We can assist you in coming up with a strong blueprint that appropriately corresponds with your therapeutic ideals. We can also help you foster strategies to avoid pitfalls and setbacks, identify techniques for networking and generating referrals, as well as outline the pragmatic issues of maintaining an independent practice. If you are up for a challenge and excited by the idea of building a private practice and joining our team, please contact use directly to discuss the possibilities.